Optical Brightener OB-1

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    Optical brightener OB-1

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    Optical Brightener

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    Yellow greenish powder

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    Optical Brightener OB-1

    C.I. Optical Brightening Agent 393

    Cas No. 1533-45-5

    Equivalent: Uvitex ERT (Ciba)


    1). Appearance: Bright Yellow Crystalline Powder

    2). Chemical Structure: A Compound Of Diphenylethylene    Bisbenzoxazole Type. 

    3). Melting Point: 357-359℃

    4). Mesh Size: ≥800 mesh (or customize) 

    5). Fluorescent Intensity (E1%1cm) ≥2000

    6). Solubility: Insoluble in water, but soluble in high boiling point organic solvents such as phenyl-chloride. 

    7). Others: Excellent fastness to heat and light due to its high boiling point, also good fastness to chlorine-bleaching.

    optical brightener OB-1

    Optical Brightener OB-1 Applications 

    Optical Brightener OB-1 is especially suitable for shaping various kinds of plastics,suitable for whitening and brightening PE, PVC, ABS, PC and other plastics. It has an excellent whitening effect on polyester-cotton blend fabric. It can be used for whitening polyester.

    Optical Brightener OB-1 Directions For Use And Dosage:

    The dosage should be 0.01-0.05% on weight of plastic. Mix optical brightener ert with plastic granulars thoroughly before shaping of plastics or drawing-spinning of polyester.

     Optical Brightener OB-1 Specifications:

    Appearance: Bright Yellow Crystalline Powder

    Purity: 99% Min.

    Melting Point: 357-359℃

    Optical Brightener OB-1 Packaging And Storing:

    Packing In 25Kg/50Kg Carton Drums. Stored In Dry And Ventilated Place.

    optical brightener OB-1
    optical brightener OB-1

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