Acid Red A and Acid Red 88

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    Acid Red 88

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    Red powder

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    Acid Red A is Dark red powder. Slightly soluble in acetone, soluble in ethanol, water and cellolytic (red). Acid Red A in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid, it turns blue-violet, and after dilution, it turns yellow-brown precipitation; in concentrated nitric acid (red light yellow); in dilute sodium hydroxide The solution was reddish brown with a dark precipitate. When dyeing, the color of copper and iron ions is darker. Besides, Acid Red A with good dye discharge.

    acid red 88

    Acid Red 88 Specification

    Dyes name : Acid Red A

    C.I. No.: Acid Red 88

    Appearance: red powder

    Strength: 100%

    Shade: similar to standard

    Moisture: 1% max

    CAS No.: 1658-56-6

    EINECS No.: 216-760-3

    Samples : Free sample is available

    Packing : in 25kg paper bags or iron drums

    Acid Red 88 Application

    Acid Red 88 is suitable for dyeing wool, silk, nylon fabrics and wool/nylon blended fabrics and direct printing of wool and silk fabrics. It can also be used for coloring paper, leather, soap, wood, medicine and cosmetics.

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